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Viper is a type of anti-plagiarism software that makes it easy for teachers as well as other users to check text for plagiarism. The software scans documents that are uploaded into the system and notifies users if they detect sentences, paragraphs or entire documents that are present anywhere on the Never ProsperOne of the great things about Viper is that it works very quickly and efficient. Users are provided with a login name and password that they use to gain access to the Viper system. The software only takes up around one megabyte of space and documents that uploaded can be matched against local databases as well as the Web. Results of the plagiarism check are emailed to users and any parts of the text that appears in other documents will be (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Never Get Caught Out AgainTeachers who are tasked with regularly checking students? assignments should make sure that they check out Viper. The fact that this software is completely free to use means that there is nothing to lose by taking it for a spin and this is a great way to check homework assignments and a wide range of other types of documents to make sure that they are completely original. However, this software is only compatible with older versions of Windows and those who have later versions of Windows on their computer will have to search for another about ViperViper supports the following formatsTXT, HTM, DOC, RTF

With Viber for Windows you can call, chat, and send SMS for freeto friends who have the mobile app installed on their smartphone. It also supports video calls and its really easy to (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });

Phone free from your PC

Phone calls for free? With Viber its no problem. The app works easily via VoIP from your computer.

First of all, you must already have Viber installed on your smartphone (available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone). After that, install the client on your PC:youll find all the contacts in your address book have automatically been;

The convenience of Viber for PC is that theres nothing to configure;from the moment you install it you can immediatelybegin calling atzero cost (via VoIP) all your friends who use the app for smartphones. Not only that, but by using the function Viber Out you can also even call landlines and ;

Viber for Windows also supports video calls, even group ones withup to 100 ;

The application also allows you to send and receive text messages from your friends (with stickers and emoticons included!) and it supports group conversations. The chat is synchronized between your device and your PC.
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All just a click away

The Viber interface is really easy to use. You can view the list of contacts, call log and chat historywith no ;

From the options menu you can configure the app so that it shows real-time notifications of new messages in the Windows system ;

In addition, you can set the program to start automatically with Windows.

Viber VoIP: a winning combo

If you already use Viber for smartphones, you really must install this version for Windows on your computer. And if youve never used Viber then maybe nows the time to start!

Call quality is excellent, but much depends on the quality of the connection used. During our test from PC to smartphone, however, we found no problems ;

Thanks to this app that resets the cost of calls, you can chat with your friends (and the messages are synchronized between PC and phone) and see them in video conferencing. Without spending a dime and without moving from your PC. Fantastic!



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