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USB Show unlocks hidden files on your USB memory stick. It is very useful for removing the effects of the direct access virus, also known as the shortcut virus or the hidden folder virus, which spreads through the memory.

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USB Show scans for disks connected to a PC, finds hidden folders and files and immediately unlocks them. At the same time, a list is made of the folders that you have found.
When you open the USB drive from Explorer, you will see that all hidden files and folders are now visible. Note: not all files marked with USB Show have to be deleted.

Click and wait, it’s that simple
USB Show is simple: all you have to do is select the disk to scan and click on the available button. Once selected, USB Show scans the disk to find invisible elements and make them visible again.
USB shows are only available in Spanish and English. There is no help function and the interface text is missing explanation. But the tasks performed by this tool are so specific that they no longer need to know.

Handy, but not antiviral
USB Show is a tool that complements the activity of antivirus software, but does not remove the hidden memory hardware itself. If you suspect that your USB memory drive has been infected with your file, you must use trusted antivirus software or specific antivirus software such as MCShield or Amir Antivirus.

USB Show

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