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Follows a devout nurse who becomes a dangerously obsessed patient to save souls.
Writer born in glass:
Pink Glass Stars:
Jennifer She, Morphid Clark, Lily Fraser | There, besides the grace of God, is Maude, a young independent nurse whose sensible behavior leads her to follow the devotional path of Christian devotion after serious trauma. Now in charge of treating Amanda, a retired cancer dancer, a firm faith in Fashion inspires the obsessive conviction that she must save the church soul from eternal damnation – at no cost. When her feature film debut leads writer-glass Rose Glass to engage audiences in this troubled psyche, she persistently compiles her true nurse’s journal to a stressful and ultimately shocking trajectory. Morphid Clark (also at David Copperfield’s Personal History Festival) portrays Maud consecrated with intense stoicism, who believes in alarming vulnerability, while Maud desperately chooses the dissolution and solidarity of his enthusiastic patient (fascinating Jennifer Jennifer. Glass delicately …

Saint Maud 2019

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