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Sometimes mobile games are fun but just fun. These days are long gone. Mobile games for Android are good, efficient and addictive. If your phone is not good enough, ask OS Remix Player to play your favorite PC game.

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Google Play has a rich and diverse collection of games for the Android operating system, but you don’t have to limit the game time to just your phone. Modern games can consume battery power, and small screens can sometimes prevent you from playing. Not any more! OS Remix Player lets you play your favorite games on the big screen of your computer. Features that allow you to map an unlimited number of buttons for better control, play many games simultaneously and use the latest version of the Android operating system: Marshmallow. Gain control and performance that you can’t find on your smartphone with this Powerhouse emulator.

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Many online games are multiplayer and very competitive. Take control of your opponent thanks to high control and time, without worrying about a lack of data or a wireless blow to a weak point. Download OS Remix Player today and see what seems to be the best game of all time.

Remix OS Player

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