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The developers at Tycoon Zoo offer another simulation game that lets you build your own wildlife sanctuary. Planet Zoo is a basic zoo game that will suit your pet tastes. In this game you have to build detailed habitats where you will build animals. Not only that, you have to play at the zoo because you have to keep the animal at ease. Players should note that the animals in this game are authentic animals that think, feel and explore the environment around them. From mischievous lion to powerful elephant, each animal presented has its own appearance and personality. It’s up to you to understand their behavior and help them grow. And since this is a zoo management game, you should also excite visitors with animal shows. Keep in mind that animal welfare and conservation come early.

Realize your dream Zookeeper is realized The Zoo of Planet is a game of simulation to which any animal lover will surely play. If you really like to keep your pet cute, why not go to the next level trying to manage the entire zoo? The game offers a very realistic world where you can create the natural habitat of animals so that they feel at home in your care. There are many things to do at Zoo Planet, so expect to be very busy with well-being;

(function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); Exotic animals call this an exotic experience. Players should always keep in mind that in this game they will not take care of ordinary pets while taking care of the livestock. What you will find at the zoo of the planet are wild animals such as roaring lions, tigers, giant elephants, giraffes and zebras. Of course, all these animals have different needs and are used to living in different environments. As a zoo, your job is to make sure everyone is happy. The fact is that Zoo Planet is not just an occasional and casual simulation game that you can expect. It’s also a survival game, but instead of struggling to survive, you’ll work hard to keep the animals in your care.

Caring for wildlife is a very different experience. Unlike pet care, people in your zoo come from the forest and are therefore ten times more likely to work than stubborn children and kittens. To make things more difficult, most species are endangered and may require more attention and effort. Caring for your care is not just about making sure your pet always has food and water available. You must be sure that you can place them in the perfect copy of their natural habitat and that their cell is clean. This includes removing dirt and even checking their water source is not contaminated. If something goes wrong, you have to treat it with the animal. One thing that makes Planet Zoo so much fun is the variety of wildlife you may never have dreamed of as a pet. It’s also very funny to know that they have the habit of having their own attitude beyondtheir natural behavior. For example, have you ever thought that turtles like to play with toys? Just one of the unexpected things you want to find at the zoo of the planet.

Planet Zoo

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