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Max Payne is a third person shooting game that sees you playing the role of the dishonest police of the same name in a criminal drama of joke and black style. The game was released in 2001, the pioneering use of a slow-motion “bullet time” mode that would be used in games much later. The violent neo-noir story is about Max’s attempt to avenge the murders of his wife and son, as well as to understand a mysterious drug network. Grains, weapons and shades of gray The playability in Max Payne is quite simple: if you have played with other third-party shooters, you already know the basics. Using your ball time skill is the key to winning weapons; Even if your movements are slow, you have time to think valuable. You usually use weapons, but as the game progresses, there are more weapons to choose from. There are some platforms and elements to solve puzzles, but these are smaller. As the story unfolds, Max is mired in psychedelic horror. Max’s hard story may sometimes seem a bit exaggerated, but this together with the strip panels that appear in the cut scenes create a proper noir atmosphere. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Show your quest for revenge If you like third-party shooting games and enjoy the gray and dirty aesthetics of neo-noir, Max Payne is a classic game that is definitely worth a visit. More about Max Payne

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Max Payne 3 is an action game, pure and simple. The Rockstar sequel to the 2003 Max Payne 2 remains true to the series, while we look at all the hits we expect in 2012.


Max Payne 3 remains with its third-party photographic heritage. Bullet time is another important part of your quest to survive many enemies and bullet-filled scenes aimed at you. There are three target modes: hard and soft lock and free target mode for professionals. Hard Lock links your cross-linking to the goals and moves with it, while Soft Lock Max brings the goals closest to you (function () {(‘review-app-side-desktop’);}); The intense recordings are told through a flashback, which tells Max how his life touched the bottom of the city of So Paulo. The cut scenes flow without interruptions in the action, making Max Payne 3 really fascinating. I hope we see more of this fluid action in the various multiplayer modes of GTA V, including the excellent ‘Gang Wars’ that takes place as a mini story between two gangs. Bullet time is also well integrated in multiplayer mode, so everyone in your field of vision also becomes bullet time when and sound

Max Payne 3 looks good. It is full of visual effects that contribute to the humiliating sensation of Max’s story and the environments come alive. Rockstar does not disappoint in terms of games and votes, and Max Payne 3 is no exception. Max himself is cynically hilarious and the soundtrack fits perfectly with the sound of the bullets that rattle around the favorites in So Multiplayer in Max Payne 3 means you’ll play the game for a long time, but the single player campaign also offers a considerable challenge. Even with Hard Lock, this game becomes difficult, but it makes it even more satisfying when

Max Payne 3 isa dignified sequel, with good acting, plot and atmosphere. The action is challenging and brazen, but it is always fun enough to recreate it. To try It may not be as original or revolutionary as LA Noire, but Max Payne 3 is a much more extensive game and an essential title for 2012.

Max Payne

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