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Note: The facade only works in Windows ME on XP. Does not work on Vista or higher. Facade is a free, unique, interactive adventure game that uses artificial intelligence (AI), where your role is to prevent facade developers from crashing by simply describing as: “Trying to go traditional or hyper-linked fork” . create a full-fledged interactive drama by integrating an interdisciplinary set of artistic practices and artificial intelligence technologies. “You play the game as yourself and a longtime friend of the couple named Grace and Trip, whom the developers characterize as an” attractive and significantly successful couple in their early thirties. “(Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop ‘) The plot is this: during an evening meeting at their apartment, things get ugly (unclear why), and you somehow threaten the destruction of the Grace and Trip family. they destroy happy homes, and eventually Grace and Train halls get together, not to hurt the expensive separation that drives your character, you need to dial to interact with other characters, move the arrow keys, and select and use objects with the mouse cursor. What you say to the characters affects their actions and whether they do kisses and makeup, although it’s not an exact alphabet, you can wait a few seconds for a response, or the character can answer you in a rather bizarre main issue with “Facade”, though he may be surprised to see Popular For years, it has never been updated to run on Vista or higher, which is a big annoying. . However, if you are still using Windows ME for XP, you can play Facade. In the meantime, those who can’t enjoy the game will face watching one of the many YouTube screenshots about the shame that Facade doesn’t run on later versions of Windows, since that’s enoughthe original concept and offers more than a few laughs about resolving marital conflicts.


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