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CrossFire is a free-to-play online action first-person shooter game for Microsoft Windows. As a multiplayer game, you go with other players as a team and compete against the opposing team to claim victory. There are two mercenary factions to choose from when you start off: the terrorists, Black List, and the anti-terrorists, Global Risk. You can pick whichever, as the whole story behind the two isnt the focus of CrossFire, but the gameplay itself. CrossFire offers a ton of game modes for anyone, and it can be played on most modern computers.

Its Raining BulletsThe highlight of CrossFire is the sheer amount of existing game modes you can play. Theyre usually objective-based scenarios, like killing all enemies or disarming enemy bombs. Each mode can have a maximum of 16 players, 8 on each team, so you can be sure the matches are both challenging and fun. The first and classic one is Team Deathmatch, wherein you race to have as many kills of the enemy. In Search Destroy, one team plants bombs and the other thwarts them. Free for All gets rid of the teams and pit you against all other players. Elimination is similar to Team Deathmatch, but you dont respawn when killed. There are also game modes that deviate from the usual military fights. Theres the highly-popular Mutation Mode, wherein random players get infected and become mutants, and they have to infect the others, while the soldiers have to destroy them. Theres also funny ones like the King Mode, wherein there are no teams, and you play mini-games to compete and be crowned the King; or Sheep Mode, which is similar, but you compete in picking up sheep on the map instead. Youll never get bored in (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Fashion is a BattlefieldYour constant battles against other players net you some sweet rewards, as well. The more you play and win, the higher your Military Rank in CrossFire goes. You earn Game Points (GP), as wella free currency which you can use to buy new weapons or gear you can dress up your avatar in. Its a downtime competition to see who has the best unique look in the game since your avatar is highly customizable. If youd like to purchase some special limited items, however, theres always the option of shelling out real cash for thembut thats at your discretion and CrossFire doesnt really push you to buy them. More often than not, your items are for aesthetics only, since the real focus of the game is using your skills to ll Never Get BoredCrossFire really shines in the game options it gives you. The basic premise is shooting down your enemies until theyre all eliminated or the timer runs out, but it didnt stop there and kept making new and fun game modes that really pump you up in playing. However, perhaps the best feature CrossFire has is the emphasis on players being on equal grounds all the time, like with high-leveled players being as easily killable as new players. Sure, you get bragging rights with your gear or rank, but there are no absurd boosts you can get to win so the competitiveness with your skills is both engaging and full of camaraderie. CrossFire meant for anybody to be able to play and be great at shooter games.


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