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If you have an old computer running the Windows KSP operating system in your closet, you can use it occasionally. In recent years, Windows KSP has been discontinued, but this does not preclude maintaining a small portion of market share. And there is a lot of software used to support this aging operating system to make it good and functional. The Chrome KSP is a small example: almost ModernChrome KSP puts a modern glaze on the old operating system. Although it can’t do everything, it still makes some surprisingly broad changes. Some, such as adding new icons and colors, both to your own operating system and to other software such as the Windows Explorer, are welcome. Others, like the click reduction in the Home menu, can be liked by anyone. But it’s generally a good conversion from normal (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Choosing and selecting the Chrome KSP has some minor drawbacks. To the right of the clock there is a bit of wasted space and some other little things that you may not be able to ignore when you look at them. But if you become accustomed to finding that the Start menu icon is a good fit for your preferences, as described above, then using the Chrome KSP can make the older KSP machine look a little newer and a bit more modern. This is certainly not a bad thing.

Chrome XP

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