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Angry Birds Star Wars is an officially licensed Star Wars game featuring famous birds with movie characters including Dath Vader, C3PO and the second Angry Birds trip after Angry Birds Space. , Angry Birds Star Wars retains some of the previous version’s space physics, and new special abilities appear, including energy and light usage (function () {(‘app-page-desktop-view’);}); Fans of the original movie “New Hope” will like “The Golden Wars” by Angry Birds. It follows the plot of the movie and takes you to all the famous places including Tatooine, Hot and the Pig’s Nest (modeled on the Death Star). Evil Birds revolves around characters like Luke Skywalker, Obi Van Kenobi and Han Solo, while Pigs disguise themselves in storms, miraculously recreating places and characters. makes Angry Birds Star Wars the most represented version of the game series, so the basic gameplay in Angry Birds Star Wars is still the same as the original Angry Birds. They shoot the catapult birds near the building to crush it and destroy the bad guys. Stars earn based on how easily you achieve this. In Star Wars, Angry Birds has about 80 levels, and it will take a long time to finish, although the early stages of Tatooine are very easy. There are also some cool bonus levels where you can play C3PO or Angry Birds gameplay. Star Wars has been slightly reworked in previous versions of the game. You can now use force to slow your bird down while flying, or use your finger to draw a lightsaber to smash objects. These interesting additional elements of the game are not masked by the fact that Angry Birds Star Wars basically plays like previous versions. While fans of the Angry Birds franchise will enjoy themselves, others will find the game repetitive, frustrating, and there’s no doubt that Angry Birds Star Wars is a beautifully crafted arcade game that fans of the game and the game enjoy.Angry Birds Star Wars HD. You may want to watch other Angry Birds movies that we can expect in the future (in our opinion!).

Angry Birds Star Wars

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