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The MiniTool Partition Wizard is powerful software for sharing and managing disk drives. With this program, you can combine different partitions together. Split large partitions into smaller partitions. Convert partition file systems, such as NTFS to FAT. Converting Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk. You can also resize the disk group. Resizing partitions, moving partitions from disk to disk, copying partitions and disks, formatting them, hiding or exposing specific partitions and many other features can be considered as powerful software capabilities. . The interesting thing is that you do not lose any information about any change in size, movement and mode. There are no corrupted files and all operations are performed in a remote and secure environment.

The various tasks in the program are performed by a graphics wizard and adequate explanations are given at all levels. We recommend that you backup your important information in a secure location before using the sharing program. It is true that these programs perform their tasks safely, but there are always unexpected problems such as power outages in the partitioning and knowledge transfer process. That’s why it’s best to keep your sensitive information in a safe place before something goes wrong. Also, try to avoid playing with this program as much as possible and only use it when necessary.

Features and Features of MiniTool Partition Wizard:

Convert NTFS file system to FAT

Convert the MBR disk to GPT and vice versa

Ability to resize partitions, move them, split them into smaller partitions, split compositions, and more.

Ability to copy UEFI disks

UEFI boot is compatible

MiniTool Partition Wizard 11

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