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World Cricket Championship 2 is the award-winning 3D cricket game that’s challenging, fun, and realistic. Customise your players and team to bring a personal touch to cricket at the highest Tournaments in Impressive 3D GraphicsWorld Cricket Championship 2 provides great looking graphics and animations which provide satisfying backdrops to the various challenges on offer. There are 5 different tournaments to master before becoming a champion of the sport. The smooth appearance of the graphics is partly down to the large amount of animations within the game. In fact, there are in excess of 100 stop motion animations included. From a sound perspective, there’s also the impressive inclusion of a professional audio commentary to bring an authentic edge to proceedings. With player attributes that increase through practice and training, as well as injuries, and options to use multiple camera angles, this game is a well rounded in-depth (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Realism on The Cricket FieldThe realsim on offer in World Cricket Championship 2 will greatly appeal to fans of the sport. There are plenty of game options and the full range of rules and features that you would find in real-world cricket. The AI competitors can be challenging, for those wishing to play solo games. The use of various different stadiums really adds to the polished feel of the game overall.


World Cricket Championship 2

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