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Minute Recovery USB Data Recovery in Minute Recovery is a software usage tool that helps you recover your lost data from a USB device. Data lost due to accident, virus attack, disk structure, etc. Can be recovered using All Help Modification Help FileUSB helps to recover all types of data, including images, documents, audio and video files, etc. Data can be obtained from corrupted pen operations viruses and also organized. Recovery support is available for all major file formats, including html, avi, bmp, jpeg, gif, ppt, doc, mov, mp3, etc. This app is easy to use. You can decide where to store all the available information. There is a free version available that you can easily download from the official website. You can use the free version to get this tool. If you are satisfied, you will probably update for payment (function () {(‘page-to-desktop-view’);}); Multiple product support All types (storage, printing) USB pens are supported by USB modification. Even if your USB device is 4GB or more, you can restore the data. The Recovery Tool works on almost all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, XP, and Vista. A variety of supported USB devices are Transcend, Kingston, Apacer, Kingmax, SanDisk and more. This app is completely free and retails for $ 45. For some people, the $ 45 price tag may look great. But if you value your data more than anything else, then this asking price should be relatively small.

USB Repair

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