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Genre: crime, Drama
Director: Andrea Di Stefano
Starring: Joel Kinaman, Rosamund Pike, Chairman, Ana de Armas, Clive Owen
Plot: The former cover-up detective is deliberately re-arrested for entering the Mafia in a high security prison. Based on “Three seconds” by Anders Roslund and Borg Helstrom.
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Encoder = x264 – bus 142 r2479 dd79a61
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Channel = 6
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Example = kHz
Language = English

Special detective Pete Coslos (Joel Kinaman) has been freed from war when he is imprisoned after fighting to protect his wife (Anna de Armas). He was given the opportunity to be released early and become an FBI agent (Rosmund Oscar and Clive Owen nominated) and use his closing skills in the operations of the New York crime boss. But when the FBI scandal eventually sought to secure Koslow’s freedom, which led to the death of the NYPD caller, Kozlow found himself fighting a war between the Mafia and the FBI. The general urged Kozlow to take the fire and send him back to prison to continue his drug activity, and the FBI confirmed that returning to prison for the general’s offer was the only way to keep his agreement alive. In an unlikely election, Koslow was forced to return to prison, where he formed an escape plan from three powerful New York City agencies – the Mafia, the NYPD, and the FBI – to save himself and his family.

The Informer 2019

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