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Raft is a survival and crafting game that puts you into the role of a castaway who has to scavenge material from the sea to get food and water. Together or with friends, use wreckage to build and expand your alive is a full-time jobIn Raft, you start out with nothing but a simple hook and rope.
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you’ll need to retrieve debris from the ocean. You can use this either to expand the makeshift vessel you’re on or to build tools and other items. You can find more materials on the seafloor. Upgrading your platform can help you catch more debris, cook food, distill water, and more. You’ll also want a weapon to defend yourself from the hungry shark that circles you. The gameplay is relatively simple, but keeping alive while expanding and designing your vessel requires so many different tasks that it never gets boring. (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Simple but compellingRaft is a very simple game at heart, but its constant demands for attention make it easy to keep coming back to. The production values are simple,
but they’re effective for the game’s purposes. If you like survival games,
this one is worth your time.



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