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The free interior design application for Planner 5D PCs is a great application for those who want to create complex images for virtual interior design. Because this program is completely free, it is a welcome alternative to expensive and more sophisticated software platforms like AutoCAD. It is quite easy to use and you will not need previous experience to enjoy its functionality.

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An interesting advantage of 5D Planner is that designs do not have to be built from scratch. The program includes a complete built-in catalog that provides several items to choose from, such as upholstery and furniture. Each design can be viewed from a two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspective. Because the program can be used when you are not connected to the Internet, it is also an excellent option while away from your office or home. The highly detailed graphic image adds even more to the realism provided by 5D Planner.

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The user can choose from more than 150 selected themes for interior design. The size and texture of these elements can also be modified to meet specific specifications. A top-down view will provide a fuller perspective when adjusted indoors or outdoors. The finished product image can be saved and shared with others.

Planner 5D Home

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