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You can find many interesting content on the internet, but it is very easy to lose it in your searches. A Save button on Pinterest is available to prevent this from happening. It acts as a special tag that allows users to quickly and easily save a web site before forgetting it and losing sight of it. Saved pages are anchored on your Pinterest board on official pages so users can return and check them whenever they want;

Better than bookmarks Compared to the browser’s built-in browser feature, the Pinterest Save button does more than save web pages and list them. You would like to know that this add-on provides additional convenience to your users when saving bookmark pages to different tabs. This allows you to save websites according to the category you think fit. To improve things, users have the option of selecting the board they like to save on the bookmarks page. Compared to simple tagging in your browser, using the Save button on Pinterest saves you a lot of time browsing through your long list;

(function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Pin! Using the Save button on Pinterest is really very simple. Once you’ve installed the extension, you’ll see a Pinterest icon that appears in the upper right corner of your browser window. It is conveniently available so that users can click on it only when they want to add a tag or attach a web page. You can then choose where to attach the page to the small list of cards you have. Later, when you want to go back and revisit the attached site, you can simply go and check your Pinterest boards. Compared to the list of text links in browser tags, Pinterest will display your pages saved in small preview icons to make it easy to detect and; Changing the Game We have a great help installing the Pinterest Save button in your browser. It’s more efficient and enjoyable, not to mention that side hunting also makes it less confusing. With a plethora of things on the web, the Save button on Pinterest will make sure you find and track things that have figured out yours;

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