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Pages, please, are a standard game in which an immigration inspector is held. It is your job to make sure that everyone crosses over until they have a role to play in compliance with a number of immigration laws.

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On paper, hit a Soviet Republican who is said to be acting as an immigration inspector. You can’t get too much and they are financially penalized for faults. As everyone goes through immigration control, you need to make sure everything is okay. This becomes more difficult as the game progresses, so it can easily lose something, resulting in penalties.
You need to make sure that you can feed and keep your family healthy, so making mistakes can have serious consequences. It is difficult to manage a basic salary, so it is a mistake to decide which family member will stay alive. Lovely depressing stuff.
The retro depression
Paper, please have an interface designed with good controls that you can easily pick up as the game progresses. Quite frankly, it has a pi-8-pixelated layout, which mimics the Soviet sensibilities of the game in the 80’s. But copy, please, is not a game whose image or sound is the main attraction. It’s a game that will make you think and force you to appear what kind of person you are when you’re forced to choose between eligible migrants and the care of your family.

Is it You are a bad person
It works, please, not a fun game, in the traditional sense. But it is compelling, well thought out and written. As a proof that video games are not silly and can be “art”, they are better.

Papers, Please

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