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For those with a robust knowledge of internet technology more doors begin to open regarding possible configurations and combinations. This allows for clever folks to do things like run IE10 on old school Windows builds like XP- perfect if you want to avoid Windows 10 but your favourite site requires the latest Internet Explorer. IETester is a totally free experimental web browser that can do just that making it especially useful for website with IEIETester essentially lets you run various versions of Internet Explorer alongside each other without needing Windows 10. To be exact it allows you to have rendering and JavaScript engines of IE11 IE10 IE9 IE8 IE7 IE 6 and on Windows 8 desktop Windows 7 Vista and XP. This is very valuable not just for testing websites but also for those who prefer older Windows versions and can?t upgrade to the latest Internet Explorer. The software is not without faults however not being a true complete browser. Previous and Next don?t always work JavaScript ‘alert’ and ‘confirm’ methods do not work Flash on IE6 only works in Admin mode- various little bugs are still being ironed (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });IE for YouIETester is not a luxurious browsing experience but it is a functional tool for various useful applications. Developers will get use out of this and despite the bugs it?s being worked on all the time. Definitely worth a free download.


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