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Hitman: Blood money is the fourth part of the Hitman series. Like its predecessors, this game consists of a series of missions in which the mysterious agent 47 uses a hidden disguise and technology to hunt and kill a series of targets. Not only can you kill your victims with a wide variety of weapons, but there are also ways to make each death look like an innocent accident. Blood and Mystery Story Like the previous entries in the Hitman series: Blood Money is a cross between a stealth game and a puzzle (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Detecting the interactions of different elements in the level is the best way to remove the target and avoid detection. You may have to complete a mission several times to get the best result, but luckily the different work methods mean that each level has a certain amount of repetition. The mechanics are similar to previous games, but with a few clarifications, hiding bodies is now easier and more efficient, for example.

Hitman: Blood Money

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