Hamsterball 32-Bit

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Hamsterball is a fast and crazy dynamic movement and game in motion. The player takes a large and seemingly uncontrolled ball from the toy. Inspired by the arcade game Marble Madness, which tries to avoid various obstacles in its quest to complete each course, the objective of this mess is to stop it. By helping your furry friend take classes with his hamster ball, it looks like the twist wants to stop him. Tilt the device in the right direction to move smoothly through the 360-degree loop or to prevent mouse movement. The courses are wonderfully cute and colorful, and the sound effects add a fun and passionate atmosphere. Each unique course is still a sophisticated, yet totally fun way to try it out. Experiencing the highest points is addictive (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Fun and Furious ActionHamster Ball is a fun ball to play! With a variety of colorful and vibrant routes, full of dangers and obstacles, it’s a fun challenge to navigate them just by tilting your device. The dynamic movement of the screen in the right direction is easy to control and a unique way to control it. A fast and passionate 3D game with a furry friend!


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