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All-in-one Handi smartphone memory application Those who lead vibrant lives will often benefit from a small organization. Google Keep offers a variety of easy-to-use tools to capture information within the feature, and ToolsGoogle Keep offers users a variety of innovative tools. Although it comes with a standard memory recorder, other options, such as a voice recorder and a location-based reminder, are very exclusive accessories. Users can color specific color data so they can be easily found later, and since this application can be used on multiple devices, it has never been easier to stay organized even in the most active (function () {(‘review-page- page-desktop ‘);}); Centralized and powerful The main objective of Google Keep is to allow the user to enter information in just a few seconds. However, it is equipped with a search function so that advanced information can be obtained if necessary. You can create stickers and notes; Perfect to give a nice visual touch. Since the total file size of this application is only megabytes, it is also extremely light in terms of memory requirements.

Google Keep

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