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FIFA 16 is pale compared to PES 2016. The impossible has happened: the king of football has withdrawn.

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After leaving PES comparisons for a moment, FIFA series 16 is a revolution. The most notable of these changes is that you can now choose and play as one of 12 international women. EA Sports women’s team staff is not limited to simple team change, women are completely different in their animation and behavior. This results in games that are a little slower and less physical, but also more dynamic, unpredictable and exciting.
The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) has made improvements through FUT Draft: a great way to enjoy this mode without having to spend hours at the computer on team building. It offers random players for each job, which helps educate newcomers to FUT and provides an accessible version of the position for those less interested in management aspects. You can compete in four increasing difficulties to win gold. This is where FUT microtransactions get less bad, so you can enjoy its system without paying real money.
All other modes have been improved with minor improvements. For example – in career mode – you can have your created player train for minimal games to improve their stats.
FIFA 16 “Magical Moments” is the result of strong calculations made by EA Sports developers to adapt animation, photography and physics. When one of these moments occurs, they repeat the feeling of a real game, which makes you want to stand up and straighten your head with surprise. These glasses are a real strength in FIFA and an area where there is still a feeling ahead of PES 2016.

Too big
With so many corrections, hasn’t FIFA 16 held the football prize? The problems are in the game itself. One of the main examples of this is the complete disappointment of trying to get the ball back. After all, mechanically and stunningly, your best tactic is still to wait for the attacker to hunt before the attacker makes a mistake and headstones.
Discomfort builds up: In the field, players are automatically selected more randomly than ever, sometimes players don’t take advantage of the games you create, and the ball seems to get was magnetized by the goalkeepers.
PES 2016 forces you to use tactics and teamwork and rewards you for your efforts. FIFA 16 will gladly sacrifice these elements for both acting and magic. When magic happens, it looks great. But when the same system leads to loss, seemingly by mistake, your joy quickly turns to anger and despair.
What is the result when comparing the two games? Well, we prefer PES 2016 (at least the console has a terrible PC port right now). It looks better and your effort equals success. On the other hand, FIFA 16 suffers from a lack of control because it prioritizes style over skill.
So is FIFA bad? No, not at all. The immersion he has created is great because some great player behaviors are very natural, like a goalkeeper kicking the ball. When these little flowers happen, they are really surprising, which makes you feel like you’re playing a real game.

Magic, variety and exchange
FIFA 16 is still a great football game: women’s teams add variety, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft provideseasy access and “Magical Moments” are spectacular. So if diversity in instant jazz is your priority, FIFA is perfect for you. It is up to EA Sports now to revive their game if they want to stop the growing gap between FIFA and PES. And I fully believe they can.


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