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The best football games FIFA 11 is the latest version of EA’s popular range of soccer games. It presents some great improvements in FIFA 10 that make it a ridiculously realistic simulation of the real thing and a competitor worthy of Pro Evolution Soccer has been impressed by the previous version of FIFA, we discovered. It’s hard to imagine how EA could improve. It is a soft football simulator. However, after some games of this demo version, it is clear that the changes are no longer (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Sophisticated game Improvements in the game in FIFA 11 give you a much more real football feel. The new Personality + system allows players to move and act as they do in real life. This means, for example, that Wayne Rooney of Manchester United will run after the ball if it is not in his possession; While his attack partner Dimitar Berbatov has more content to wait for something to happen! Other modifications to the AI ​​are helping to make FIFA 11 the most enjoyable version to date. At crossings, for example, it is normal to see more than one player coming for the ball. You will also notice that the players are a little faster than in FIFA. An important change in FIFA 11 is the ability to control the goalkeeper, who feels very natural and adds an extra element to the first one introduced in FIFA 11. When a defender stands on a firing line and extends his hand around him. clog The frequency of handballs is slightly higher than in real life, but you can disable them or define that they do not occur in penalty 11, and also have a more sophisticated pass system, which gives you more control over the distribution of the ball With the Pro Passing function you can measure passes more accurately by weighing them. The repertoire of passes has also been strengthened, and now you can make several passes, fast movements, and force shots and apply recoil to the changes we did not like is the new penalty system based on a power bar. It is very difficult to stop the pointer in the right place because it takes time to respond to the pressure of your button. This makes the penalty score in FIFA 11 somewhat difficult to change. At first glance, the graphic images of FIFA 11 do not look so different from those of the previous version. However, as soon as you start seeing reps or close-ups, you realize that the players’ similarities are now more realistic. The player faces modeled by EA with images and facial expressions are now more varied and changing according to the practical addition to FIFA 11 is the ability to load your own sound for use in the game. You can record your own songs, add audio files of real songs from the team and define the music performed by a team

FIFA 11 continues to be packed with many game modes, including officially recognized competitions, exhibitions, training and Be and Pro. The only major change at this time is a repetition of the Administrator mode, now called Career mode, and integrates with Be and Pro. This now means more than just starting as a player before becoming a player coach and eventually full of interesting new features, along with the FIFA 11 super smart game of the typical simulatorsoccer.


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